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My opinion about how to be a good mother.

Semalam aku gaduh ngan mak aku, it just so shameful and childish to mention here why and what we're arguing about. Duuhhh ! So just let me keep it as a secret.

The important thing that I want to highlight here is about how a woman can be a good mother in a future and what is the best characteristic to become a mother.

So, the major reason why I reallyyyy want to talk about this is because last week, in my Critical Thinking Class , Bro Shamsuddin started to tell us about the parents' purpose and role . and i think i should post about this sbb mengenangkan emak sendiri yg semacam lack of something important as being a good mother. well, yeahh i admit none of us is perfect. :(

Okay, let's go to the main point. Actually , there are some different specific things that must be handle by a father and a mother. As we know a father is a guy and a mother is a woman. (for surelah , takyah bgtau benda tu pun org dah tau lah syahida -____- , lameeeee )Of course they make a diffe…