September 23, 2009

ana seorg yg ~ESJF~

ana baru me rilekskan minda dgn buat satu ujian personaliti kt sini td.... ...

byk yg betul tuh...
x dpt dinafikan..
tapi, org lain lebih tahu ana ni cam ner
coz ana sndri confius lg dri ana ni cam ne sbnarnya..
still tercari2...

ini keputusan personaliti diri ana...

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tapi, lepas ana buat ujian ni,
dia ckp ana jenis yg ESFJ...
ape binatang tu, korg bacalah kt bawah tu
ni org2 pakar pasal personaliti cakap pasal ESJF nih....


"Guardians of birthdays, holidays and celebrations, ESFJs are entertainers. They enjoy and joyfully observe traditions and are liberal in giving, especially where custom prescribes."
- ESFJ Profile (TypeLogic)

"ESFJs are people persons - they love people. They are warmly interested in others. They use their Sensing and Judging characteristics to gather specific, detailed information about others, and turn this information into supportive judgments. They want to like people, and have a special skill at bringing out the best in others. They are extremely good at reading others, and understanding their point of view. The ESFJ's strong desire to be liked and for everything to be pleasant makes them highly supportive of others."
- Portrait of an ESFJ (The Personality Page)

"...values relationships and families over intellectual pursuits, group oriented, follows the rules..."
- Jung Type Descriptions (ESFJ) (

"...take it upon themselves to arrange for the health and welfare of those in their care, but they are also the most sociable of all the SJs, and thus are the great nurturers of established institutions such as schools, businesses, churches, social clubs, and civic groups."
"At work, ESFJs contribute their ability to cooperate with others and to complete tasks in a timely and accurate way. They respect rules and authority, and handle daily operations efficiently. They tend to be well informed and up-to-date on organizational actions that matter to people. They do what they can to make sure that personal relationships are running smoothly. Because they pay close attention to people's needs and wants, they are often involved in work activities that meet people's practical, day-to-day desires."
- ESFJ - The Helper (Lifexplore)

pandai2 lah korg terjermah sndri ke dlm BM yer..
alar, korg kan pandai bahasa omputeh...
huhu, ana pun baca gitu2 jer,
ade phm, ade x paham...
janji beres!

Ni plak, kerjaya yg sesuai ngan ESJF...

  • Accountant
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Administrator
  • Bookkeeper
  • Child Care
  • Church Worker
  • Counselor
  • Dental Assistant
  • Family Doctor
  • Homemaker
  • Human Resources
  • Marketer
  • Nurse
  • Office Manager
  • Organization Leader
  • Radiological Technologist

  • Receptionist
  • Researcher
  • Social Worker
  • Speech Pathologist
  • Teacher
  • Trainer

korg test lah buat ujian ni....
best tau!!
kalau xder kerja je baru buat...
coz, dia lama gak lah nk siap..
ok, gud luck!!

i like this pic...kawan ana lukiskan...cantik!!


Norashikin Abdullah said...

ok..nnti ana try wat..insyaallah

~::sya_mujahidah::~ said...

buat tau2...hehe

My Life's Stories said...

wah....dalam senarai pekerjaan tu, ada ke syahida minat? nnti ani pun try buat lah..hmmm

~::sya_mujahidah::~ said...

hurm..ade kot! family doctor ngan bookkeeper..
sila2 buat, jgn malu2